MP3 Title Fixer Script

Renames MP3 files using the title in the v3 header while adding the ".mp3" extension. Saves a lot of typing.

The utilities I use just truncate the file name when it is too long for the MacOS. My personal preference is to use the standard acronym creation policy of removing vowels until the name is short enough. This leaves enough of the full title to make it understandable (in most cases anyway).
Also, occassionally when I download a file the name is something like "mp3-download.cgi". If the ID3 tag is set in the mp3 file all I have to do is drop the file on "MP3 Title Fixer" and the name and type are fixed.

Version History:

  • 1.3) Creates better shortened names. (21 OCT 2000)
    • Reverses the order of vowel removal when shortening a file name. Now starts from the end and works backward.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented processing of folders.
  • 1.2) Misc. Fixes and code clean up.
    • Fixed minor naming bug.
    • Now checks for illegal characters
    • Code clean up.
  • 1.1.1) Several users reported a "unable to open file" error when using the script. Casting the text path to a file object corrected the error for at least one user. Please report any bugs with as much info as possible. (Although there couldn't possibly be any more.)
  • 1.1) First Release.

Download version 1.3


  • SoundApp PPC. "MP3 Title Fixer" is a script that uses SoundApp PPC to do the work. Get SoundApp PPC first, it is a great free player for a dramatically large variety of sound files.
  • An mp3 file.


  • Drop folders and/or files of mp3 files onto the "MP3 Title Fixer" icon.
  • To change the type to a SoundApp PPC file start SoundApp PPC and modify the "General" preferences to indicate "Change File Type" and "Change Creator to SoundApp".

If the title tag is longer than 27 characters (27 + ".mp3" = 31 which is the max limit for the MacOS) lower case vowels are removed until the name is short enough. If the all lowercase vowels have been removed and the name is still too long, the name will be truncated to fit. In most cases this yields a file name that is decipherable.
If the title tag does not exist the script will beep and continue leaving the file untouched. Often the tags do not exist when you create an mp3 from a CD. by and large does have the tags imbedded in the files, and so far this is where I have been downloading my mp3s.


Trouble shooting:

  • I want the type and creator code to change and it doesn't. Fix: Read step 2 of the directions.

Email me.

Last modified October 21, 2000